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Your life is about to get easier! Welcome to one of the leading Transcription Services Companies in South Africa.

We know how time-consuming and challenging audio transcription typing can be and the importance of having your audio recordings transcribed accurately, fast and at affordable rates. Our team of professional transcriptionists are trained in transcribing audios and videos from interviews, meetings, focus groups, legal, medical, religious and academic contexts and will convert your audio to text, freeing you up to do what you do best.

We are confident that our audio transcription service rates and prices are amongst the best you will find.

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We transcribe audio or video to text, providing that it is audible and in English or Afrikaans.

We also offer a translation service for English and Afrikaans.

We have our standard audio transcript formats and are able to provide a customised format for our customers.

Our audio transcription services and video transcription services have been trusted by customers in South Africa and internationally in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada for many years.

How it Works

The Transcription process is simple. We provide online transcription
services in a quick and easy way.

Drag & Drop audio from your computer or paste a URL or Link to the files, or add minutes.

A Quotation is then generated. From here you can proceed to Checkout & place your order or you can download the Quote & make payment at a later date when you are ready to proceed.

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Paypal (International Clients)

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Verbatim Transcription Types

Our default transcription type – Clean Verbatim, with no time stamps, is the most popular.

There are two Verbatim transcript types you can choose from when ordering transcripts, together with two time stamp options.

These options can be selected once you Get Started and your Transcription Quotation is created.

Most popular



The transcription excludes: all utterances that are not words eg. um, uh huh, mmhm..



The transcription includes: All verbal utterances such as um, uh huh, mmhm.

Does not include non-verbal communication such as laughter, crying, emotions or pauses.



Every 2 minutes or more.



On Speaker change.

Note: We can customise Verbatim Transcript options on request

Price and Turnaround

Rate (Excluding VAT)
R14.45 / minute
Turn around time
From 3 days
Rate (Excluding VAT)
R17.80 / minute
Turn around time
From 1 day
Discounted Rate
Based on number of audio hours
Turn around time
Request Quote
  • We can customise turnaround times based on our customer needs and volume of audio or video.
  • If you have a specific turnaround time not covered in our options then feel free to contact us to see how we can assist.
  • Our transcribing services are available for English and Afrikaans audios.
  • We also Transcribe and Translate audios from Afrikaans to English.