Our Audio & Video Transcribing Services are founded on quality and affordable rates. We have fast, flexible turnaround times and offer customized solutions based on our client’s needs.
Transcription Services
Our Typing Services include typing out hardcopy Word documents or books into digital copies in Microsoft Word format. All our typed documents are independently proof-read.
Typing Services
We Transcribe and Translate audios from Afrikaans to English producing high quality transcriptions. We also translate Afrikaans documents to English.
Translation Services

Transcribing Services

  • Top Transcriptions is one of the largest Transcription Services companies in South Africa, with transcribers covering Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and other cities. Our online transcribing services are available throughout Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN, Mpumalanga, Free State, Eastern Cape and more.

  • Our team of Top Transcribers are experienced in all types of transcriptions which include: interviews; market research; disciplinary hearings; meetings; conferences; focus groups; academic; medical; CCMA and legal cases.

  • Our Professional Transcribing Services are founded on Quality and our Rates are amongst the best you will find in South Africa.

  • We also provide high quality Typing Services and Translation Services throughout South Africa.

Why Top Transcriptions?

Confidential & Secure

The transfer and storage of your audio and transcriptions are subject to strict security and confidentiality procedures and platforms. Transcription Confidentiality

Pricing to Wow You

Affordable Transcription, Typing & Translation Rates which are simple & transparent. No hidden costs relating to audio quality or number of speakers. What you see is what you get with us! Transcription Rates

Fast, Flexible, Turnaround Time

Standard & Rush Turnaround times with Flexibility to meet your deadline.

Quality 100% Guaranteed - Our Secret!

We have transcribers who transcribe your audio and proofreaders who check it. Most independent transcribers don't have someone proofing their work - that is what makes us different!

Our Customers

Our customers come from all industries, including: Legal; Education; Marketing; Media; Medical and Government. Students and thousands of private individuals also make use of our services. Transcription Customers

Support & Friendly

Feel free to chat with us about anything. Transcription Contact

Top Transcribers

  • South African Transcription Company

    If you are looking for transcribers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein or anywhere in South Africa, then you have arrived at the right place.

    We are one of the leading transcribing companies in South Africa and have many South African transcribers that understand the various accents and terminologies. Just another way of ensuring a quality transcribing service.

  • Transcribed by Transcribers not Transcription Software

    Transcription software does not produce accurate transcriptions. The only way to guarantee a quality transcript is to have a transcriptionist type it and then if you are focused on quality as we are, you have a proofreader proof the document.

  • Simple Online Transcription Service

    Our online transcription process was designed with you the customer in mind.

    You simply upload your audio or video via our drag and drop or browse facility, or by pasting an url and our system automatically generates a transcription quotation. You then have options to customise your transcript and the option of then paying immediately online and getting the show on the road!
    How it Works