Terms of Service


Our Service

    We are committed to providing a quality service and delivery on turnaround times.

Our transcribers are carefully selected and assessed and all our transcripts are proofread by our independent proofreaders.  

More about How we Work.

Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that the transcripts are accurate and complete, where the transcriber cannot hear the audio or video properly he/she will make an "inaudible" note with a time stamp in the transcript at that point. In addition, where there are a number of speakers, it is not always possible to establish the identity of the person talking. In such an instance, reference will be made to Male or Female Speaker.

Should the client raise any quality issues we will gladly address them. Our mission is to ensure our clients are happy with the final transcript.


An order is confirmed once the audio or video has been received together with the payment or purchase order details and the participant names in the audio or video, where these are to be included in the transcript. 

    Invoice & Payment

         Once the transcript is complete, the final invoice based on the actual hours transcribed will be sent to the Client.

Once the final amount has been paid or where there is a purchase order, the completed transcript will be e-mailed to the Client.

   Cancellation of an Order

Should the Client cancel a transcript, it will be liable for any transcription services completed up to the point of cancellation. In such an instance the partially completed transcript will be forwarded to the Client with the pro-rata invoice.