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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your organisation?

Our rates are amongst the best when you compare prices, turnaround times and quality.  We deliver on promises and we are friendly and accommodating.

What if I have a large assignment that is really urgent?

We will gladly discuss your situation with you with a view to assisting you to achieve your deadline.  We will move mountains to assist you with your deadline.

What is an audio minute & how is the cost calculated?

An audio minute is one minute of recording.  So for example, if the recorded audio is 30 minutes long, the cost based on our Standard rate would be: 30 x R10.45 = R313.50 + R47,03 (VAT) = R360.53

How do the payments work?

Once you have accepted our quote and made a 50% payment we commence with your project.  We inform you once the audio has been typed and once the balance of the invoice is paid, the document is sent to you.

What if there are any changes required to the typed document after final payment has been made?

We will gladly assist to make such changes.  We strive to make your experience with us a happy and satisfying one.  Our job is only done when you are satisfied.

What is a transcription?

Simply put, it is typing an audio or video verbatim into a document.  This is done in Microsoft Word format.  We effectively provide an outsourced typing service to clients.  The difference is that the typing of audio requires a specific skill unlike normal typing.  Our transcribers are highly skilled in this regard.

How do your turnaround times work?

  • Our turnaround times are linked to our rates.  We have four rates that are available - Bulk, Standard, Rush and Express Rate.  The Standard and Rush rates with the related turnaround times are available on our website.

  • On our Standard and Rush rates we have a 3 day and 2 day turnaround time per 60 minutes respectively.  What this means, is that if you had one hour of audio, that is how long it would take to transcribe and proofread your transcript. However as the number of audio hours increases, we are able to reduce the overall turnaround time. Please request a quotation with your specific number of hours to see how quick we can do it for you.

  • Our Express Rate is not available on our website as we understand that each client will have their own specific deadlines for urgent transcripts and we prefer to discuss those with you to see how best we can assist you in meeting that deadline.  We have numerous transcribers for example that we can split lengthy audios between and achieve a tight deadline.

Does the sound quality or number of speakers affect the price?

No it does not.

What type of transcriptions do you do?

  • Interview transcriptions

  • Meeting transcriptions

  • Lecture & speech transcriptions

  • Thesis & academic transcriptions

  • Conference transcriptions

  • Sermon transcriptions

  • Arbitration transcriptions

  • Medical transcriptions

  • Legal transcriptions

  • Disciplinary

  • Hearing transcriptions

What languages do you transcribe and translate?

Currently we only transcribe and translate in English and Afrikaans.

Which Provinces does Top Transcriptions cover?

  • Gauteng

  • KZN

  • Free State

  • Western Cape

  • Northern Cape

  • Eastern Cape

  • North West

  • Limpopo

  • Mpumalanga

I am in a different city or country to you – does this matter?

Not at all whilst we are a South African based Company – we provide a global service.  All our work is done via the internet and we are able to transfer large files fairly easy over the internet.  The is an additional charge for foreign transactions as there are associated costs with international payments.  Contact us for more information.

Will you transcribe using my document format and layout requirements?

Yes we can, provided you can send us your template format in Microsoft Office Word format.

What if the audio quality I send you is not good?

We will transcribe everything that we can hear and if there are words that are not audible then we will make a note in the text with the exact time of the inaudible words.

What types of audio formats can you transcribe?

We work with most types of audios. If there is an unusual format, we will arrange to convert it into a workable format.

Can I send the audio or video to you via another means – such as DropBox.

Sure no problem.

Why is it important to have a good quality audio recording?

It will result in a more accurate and higher quality audio transcription and enable transcribing to be done quicker.

Transcription quality is dependant on the quality of the recording. Here are some tips for a better recording.

  • Test your equipment by speaking at different distances from the microphone and speaking at different volumes.  Play it back and see if you can hear the speaker clearly.  Use this information to position the people you will be recording.
  • Ask people to speak clearly, not too fast and towards the microphone.
  • Ask people to avoid talking over one another i.e. one person to speak at a time.
  • It is ideal for people to state their name and position or role in the audio.  This enables the transcriptionist to know who is talking.
  • Choose a quiet venue to record.
  • Minimise the amount of background noises, like cups clanging, phones ringing and papers shuffling – particularly near the microphone.
  • If you have a choice of resolution in your recording settings, it is ideal to record at the highest resolution possible.