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Transcribing Services

Transcriber Services

We are one of the largest Transcription Services companies in South Africa, covering Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and other cities. Our Transcribing Services, Typing Services and Rates are amongst the best you will find in SA!

How it works

The audios and videos are sent via the internet, using our "Upload a File" Tool on our Transcription Services Website.

You can send your audios and videos for transcription from anywhere in South Africa.

Once we receive your audio or video one of our transcribers will transcribe it and one of our Proof-readers will proofread the transcript to ensure accuracy.

We then email your transcript to you.

The process is simple and easy - try us out!


Transcription Rates

Rate options based on Turnaround times (TAT)




(per Audio Min.)


Turnaround Time

(per Audio/Video hour)

Bulk Saver Rate

*Based on the number of hours.

(Please request a quote)

*Based on the number of hours you have.

Standard Rate


(Excl. VAT)

*3 Working Days

(per 1 hr of audio)

Rush Rate


(Excl. VAT)

*2 Working Days

(per 1 hr of audio)

  • *Turnaround Times reduce with the number of hours so please request a quote with your hours.

  • Talk to us about our Express Rate if you have a tight deadline.

  • There is no additional charge for additional speakers or audio quality. Our prices include the works!

  • The above rates are for English and Afrikaans audios or videos only. See Translation Services for more info. Transcriber Services

  • Our prices include proofreading.


Why use our transcription services?

  • Fast Turnaround Times

  • Excellent Quality

  • Very competitive Rates

Transcription Services South Africa

Transcribing services we provide include:

  • Interview transcriptions

  • Research transcriptions

  • Legal transcriptions

  • Disciplinary Hearing transcriptions

  • Sermon transcriptions

  • Investigation transcriptions

  • Business transcriptions

  • CCMA transcriptions

  • Medical transcriptions

  • Meeting transcriptions

  • Academic transcriptions

  • Conference transcriptions

  • Speech transcriptions

  • Video transcriptions

  • Translation and transcriptions
  • Focus Group transcriptions


Other services:

  • Copy Typing Transcriber Services
  • Translation Transcriber Services


Satisfied Clients

  • Our job is only done when our clients are happy! Our customers include, Universities, Law Firms, Banks, Businesses, NGO’s, CCMA, private individuals and many more. Try us and see why we are one of the leading Transcription Companies!

Transcription Services South Africa - Transcribers

Confidentiality & Security

  • Our transcription services are treated with the strictest of confidentiality.
  • All our transcribers sign non-disclosure confidentiality agreements with us.
  • Our Audio Upload facility uses encryption – so the audios you send us are very secure.