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Convert Audio to Text

Free software for converting videos/audios.

Before you can convert audio to text you need to ensure that the audio is in the correct format for your transcription software.  As any transcriber will know, people record audios in a variety of formats and many of those formats do not work in their transcribing software. Format Factory is a great tool to help you convert your audios into a format of your choosing.  As an mp3 format is one of the most common audio formats used in transcribing, this article will show you how to convert your audio or video into an mp3 format.  To do this you will first need to download the free version of Format Factory.


Format Factory Installation

  •  Copy and paste this link in your browser to find the download:

  •  Click Free Download (Format Factory) – green button. The file size is 4.3mb.

  •  Once downloaded – open the file and run and install.

  •  I suggest uncheck the “Reset my browser” option when it comes up.

  •  Once installed, go to Programs in your start menu and open Format Factory.

  •  You will see a number of icons on the left with file types.

  •  Above or below these boxes you will see Video/Audio/Picture/ROM Device/DVD. Clicking on any of these options will give you the output conversion options.  So for example if you want to  convert a video to an audio mp3 you would select AUDIO and select the icon that says MP3.

  •  A new screen will open – with High Quality as the Output Setting.  You can leave that setting as is – to ensure the best quality.

  •  Then select Add File and choose the video you want to convert.

  •  At the bottom click on Change (Output Folder) and then choose where you would like to save the file.

  •  Then select OK.

  •  Then at the top of your screen click Start.

 Easy as that!!

 Have fun!

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How to Copy CD to Computer | Top Transcriptions

Copy CD to Computer

(Using Windows Media Player)

  • Open Windows Media Player by..
  •  Either clicking the Windows Media Player icon                                                                              Or                                                                                  Going to Programs/Windows Media Player/wmplayer
  •  Once Windows Media Player is open, insert your CD.
  •  If the Player starts in the player mode then click the icon at the top right of  your screen and this will take you to the menu screen where you can see  various menu items and all your files  on the CD.
  •  The files on your CD will appear. Tick the boxes next to the files you want  to Rip/Copy.
  •  Next go to Rip Settings/Format and select MP3.
  •  Next go to Rip Settings/More Options. In the tab Rip Music – see the  location where the files will be saved to. You can change this to another  folder if you wish.
  •  Click OK and then click Rip CD.
  •  Once it has finished ripping you can go to the folder you chose as the  location to view your mp3 files. The file may be located in an Unknown  Album at your selected location.

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Transcription Services | Tips | YouTube to MP3 | Top Transcriptions

Transcription Services Tips  

Transcribing and working with audios can be challenging at times, so we have decided to run a series of useful tips and tricks for transcribers.  Topics will include converting audios and videos, improving sound quality, typing  tips, transcriber equipment, transcribing software and loads more!

 So time to get the show on the road…


Converting YouTube Videos


As a transcriber you may find that you are given various forms of media to transcribe.  One of the most common formats of audio that transcribers like working with is an mp3, so the let’s take a look at how to convert your  media into an mp3 audio, starting with YouTube videos.


How to Convert YouTube videos to MP3.


 Step 1:          Visit: and locate your video. Then highlight

                       and copy your URL in the address bar above the video.

                       Here is a sample URL: 


 Step 2:          Then visit

                       (note there are a number of other free available converters)

 Step 3:          Paste your URL into the ‘Media URL to Download’ box

                       and select ‘Continue’ next to the box.

 Step 4:          Next select ‘MP3’ or any other format you may want

                       and then hit the ‘Start’ button.

 Step 5:          The converted video will now download as an MP3 and can

                       be found in your Downloads or My Downloads Folder

                       (which you can locate in Windows Explorer).


Until next time…happy transcribing!

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Speech to Text | Best Rates | Best Turnaround Times | Top Transcriptions

Speech Text

Speech to text or transcription is the process of taking a recording of an audio or video and typing it into a document.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Think again!

Did you know that it takes a transcriber between 4 – 5 hours to type up 1 hour of audio or video?  Sometimes even longer!


Here are a few reasons why the conversion of speech to text is not so easy.

  • Sound quality – the range of equipment that people use, from cell phones, to laptops, old cassette recorders and insufficient microphones all impacts on the quality of the recording and many recordings fall short here, resulting in participants not being clearly audible.
  • If a transcriber cannot hear what is being said, it results in many rewinds of the audio or video and this effects how long it takes to type it and the quality of the transcript.
  • The number of speakers in a recording.
  • The speed at which the participants talk and whether they talk over each other impacts on the difficulty of the transcribing process.  This is where the skill of a good transcriber comes into play, in being able to establish who is saying what.
  • The tools transcribers use such as audio enhancement and transcription software and equipment like foot pedals and quality headphones also have an important role to play.
  • What is the case for outsourcing speech to text work?
  • Transcription is very time consuming and outsourcing it, frees you up to other more important things.
  • Transcribing is difficult and can be very frustrating and stressful when you have to stop and rewind, re-listen several times and if you are not experienced in doing this type of work, the chances are you are going to have quality problems.

How to choose a transcription company?

  • Quality and speed

These are the two most important aspects. If the transcript is inaccurate, the value and credibility of it diminishes rapidly. If the transcript is late, often this impacts on the purpose for which you needed it.


A reputable transcription company should have:

  • Quality systems and processes in place, which include employing only the best transcribers, using audio enhancement equipment to improve the sound quality of poorly recorded audios and an independent proofreader to check the quality of the transcriber’s work.
  • A large team of transcribers to process the transcript quickly, by splitting the audio and sharing the workload amongst them.   
  • In terms of quality, a non-negotiable, should be a built in proofreading process – which you should generally be able to establish from the website.
  • In terms of speed the larger transcription companies will undoubtedly have a number of transcribers, often enabling them to get work done faster than a smaller transcription service provider.
  • Rates

Once you can tick the quality and speed boxes – a good rate is a bonus!



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