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Transcribers South Africa covers Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and more.

The way that we transcribe is designed to make life easy for you.  You simply upload your audio files direct from your computer onto our website, and then we take care of the rest!

Our transcriber services are founded on exceptional quality.  

Our transcribing process involves identifying a transcriber from amongst our team of transcribers most suited to transcribe your audio.

Once the transcribing process is complete, the final transcript is then proofread by an independent proofreader to ensure that our quality standards for our transcribers have been met and the transcript is then delivered to you within the agreed deadline. 


How we transcribe speech to text.


Transcriber Services




1. Transcription Quote:

  •  Written Quotation - we provide you with a transcription quotation     on request. 

  •  Instant Quotation Calculator - for a quick transcription price. 

2. Deposit:

  •  A 50% deposit is required on commencement of the transcribing    process.

3. Send Audio or Video

  •  Send audio or video to us via our "Upload a File" Program.

4. Type, Send & Final Payment

  • Our transcriptionists transcribe your speech to text by typing it in    Microsoft Word format.

  • Our proofreaders check your transcribed document for accuracy.

  • On completion, we invoice you and once final payment is                 received we send you the final transcript.

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