Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3


As a transcriber you may find that you are given various forms of media to transcribe.  One of the most common formats of audio that transcribers like working with is an mp3, so the let’s take a look at how to convert your  media into an mp3 audio, starting with YouTube videos.

Visit: and locate your video. Then highlight and copy your URL in the address bar above the video. 

Then visit (note there are a number of other free available converters)

Paste your URL into the ‘Media URL to Download’ box and select ‘Continue’ next to the box.

Next select ‘MP3’ or any other format you may want and then hit the ‘Start’ button.

The converted video will now download as an MP3 and can be found in your Downloads or My Downloads Folder (which you can locate in Windows Explorer).

Until next time…all the best with your Transcriptions!

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Author: Top Transcriptions
08 Feb 2021